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Cia Östberg

Autodidactic potter born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. I used to have a pottery together with a colleague but nowadays I work at home in my workshop in my lovely garden in Segeltorp, right outside Stockholm and in my summerparadise at Fårö.

I work with stoneware and raku. Usually I model, coil or build my things in other ways than using the wheel. My thumb is my most important tool.

I make both utility goods and artobjects - all unique. In art items and sculpture I often use other materials too, such as fabric, wood, concrete and metal.

Large and small pots, reliefs and large plates and bowls, apples, dogs, birds, seeds, hearts- ceramics for walls just to look at or ceramics to eat on-ceramics to touch or just to amuse.

Welcome into my world and my gallery!

Cia Östbergs Signatur
Porträtt av Cia Östberg

Foto: Emma Dramstad

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