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Bob Dylan

has almost always had a place in my life. When I was four years old I wished for a harmonica. From my sisters room I heard Bob Dylan on the radio and I wanted to play like him. I loved the harmonica I got but my family didn't and my career suddenly came to an end when the harmonica was not to be found anywhere. Now fifty years later The Man is still playing and is inspiring me in different ways. Oilpainting and charcoal drawing portraits and also to develop my sculpturing skills in stoneware clay.
I usually listen to his music while working to get in the right mood. All the pictures of the rockpoet that is to be found on the internet is also of great help. It is not always that easy to translate a picture into a 3 dimensional portrait, and stoneware clay is not an easy material to handle. On top of this you have to fire the sculpture in 1260°C. One months work can get totally destroyed and live its own life while firering - cracks are common and even explosions can break the sculpture in pieces.
Bob Dylan is for me "The challenge" from start to end.

In March/ April -14 I had my first Dylan exhibition in a gallery in Old Town Stockholm Sweden. So fantastically fun! ”A Tribute to Bob Dylan” as I called it, had visitors from close and far away. Dylan-nurds from all over the world, fans and people just intrested in ceramic art in general. I got so much appreciation and soon I realized that it’s not my last exhibition together with Bob, maybe it is with me as with the Man himself, we’re on ”The never ending tour...”

Cia Östbergs Signatur
Bob Dylan in stoneware clay
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